Dear Me in 5 Years by Emily C.

Dear Me in 5 years,

I hope you’re still alive at the very least. 

I wish you luck on your SAT or ACT and all of your assessments. 

Remember COVID-19? I hope that’s gone in 5 years. 

I hope that you’re still friends with Hannah, Elizabeth, Claire, Daniel, Charline, and Chloe. 

I hope that you’re still in TAS. 

I hope that you have tried out for musicals and choir. 

I hope that you have a plan or a dream for after you graduate.

I hope that you still play Minecraft and Apex Legends. 

I hope that Bubbles and Pebbles are ok. 

Most of all, I hope that you remember and learn from your childhood because it’ll be behind you soon. 

I wish you the best in your about 70 years left in life. 

Good luck, kiddo. 

Emily Cheng, TabbyCat9622, SnowflakeKoibito, a daughter, a friend, a student, you