Never Ending School!

Sofia: I have so much HW and I can’t seem to finish it all. I feel really bad about my grades.

Anonymous 1: I feel really overwhelmed by all the schoolwork. I am spending hours on all the homework assignments, and I have after school activities too! How do I get everything done?

Anonymous 2: How do you not stress out when studying/having a test/quiz?

Hey, school is hard. I know it is. As I moved here this year, I don’t know the curriculum that well here. If I were you though, I would talk to your teachers! They are really nice, and would love to help you understand the topics better. Anonymous 1, I too have a lot of after school activities. I usually do my homework after dinner, and before breakfast. That way I have all my work ready for the next day. Also, if you are spending hours on your homework, talk to your teachers! Like I said before, they are very kind and would love to help you. Good luck! Anonymous 2, when I have a test or quiz, and I’m stressed, I breathe and count the alphabet backwards. 

  Enjoy your advice!