Friends or Fiends?

Kimi: My friend has changed a lot, and I don’t really like it. What should I do? Should I tell her?

Koemi: What should I do if my friend found new friends and now I’m alone? 🙁  

John: I just found a new group of friends and I feel really left out. Everyone is chatting and I’m Just sitting there. 

Hey guys, I know having friend troubles is hard. I can definitely relate. For you Kimi, I would talk to your friend about it. Also, remember that it is their choice to change, but it would always help to talk to them. For Koemi, I would find someone who you are acquainted with. Get to know them better! They might even be better than your old ones! Good luck! Hey John, it’s hard having new friends. Maybe start a story, or ask them to do something with you one at a time. This year, I moved and it was awkward for me at first. Trust me, things will get better! 

                 Enjoy your advice!